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Vintage Beni Ourain Rug 

Skilfully handwoven in the Atlas mountain region of Morocco, our vintage Beni Ourain rugs have all been selected for their superior quality and iconic designs by Yonder Living. 

Woven using only the highest quality wool, and traditionally double knotted giving a luxuriously soft and heavy pile. The sheep of this tribal region are an ancient breed that yield stunning soft and shaggy wool, which is then hand spun, and used un​-​dyed in it's most natural form.
  • Vintage Beni Ourain rug
  • Rare design from 1960's - 1970's 
  • Origin; Morocco
  • 100% Wool 
  • Long pile length 
  • Size :  70cm x 145cm 

Please note: This is a rare vintage item, therefore some evidence of wear may be visible, which not only adds to the unique charm of each piece, but tells rich the history of these beautiful rugs.