Cashmere Beanie - Sage Green

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Rae's beanie, designed by ourselves and made for us in small batches.

100% cashmere - The most luxurious yarn, from the Alashan cashmere goat, origin Western Inner Mongolia Provence. 

Cashmere is the highest grade natural yarn, breathable and super soft! 

Knitted for Rae exclusively - in small batches, to reduce the impact of waste. We work with a certified trusted supplier, in China who we have worked with previously for many years, who ensure a high quality finish and fit. 

Take care of this delicate fibre and it will last season after season. 

Recommended to spot clean and hand wash only at 30" max. Dry Flat. 

Fit Unisex :  22 cm height / 23 cm width at hem / 10 cm turn-up