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Bogolán Tilemsi Funda | Mudcloth Cushion

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The Bogolan or bogolanfini It is a type of traditional fabric that is produced by hand in West Africa. Its origin goes back to the Bambara ethnic group where the word bogo means clay, mud and lan means to do; therefore bogolan means "made with clay."

This type of fabric is made with long strips of cotton that are previously woven in the traditional way and then sewn together. Once finished, the fabric is cooked by mixing it with macerated leaves as a vegetable dye. This is a very laborious technique, since you have to dip the fabric several times in the dye obtained depending on the tone you want to achieve. Once the desired color is obtained, it is stamped with mud. After this process and after a final exposure to the sun, a final wash is applied to remove any mud that may have adhered to the fabric and to make it as clean as possible.

The different prints that we can find in Bogolán fabrics are symbology based on proverbs and on the society of the Bambara people.

All our cushion covers have been made with unique pieces of bogolán. 

  • Country: Mali
  • Material: Cotton
  • Measurements: 45x45cm
  • Invisible Zip fastening 
  • Care : Dry clean recommended
  • Cushion pad included, made in the UK from European duck feathers, ethically sourced and approved by EDFA standards, encased in cream 100% cotton down proof cambric.