Vintage Berber Zigzag Rug

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Yonder's Contemporary Vintage Moroccan Beni M'rirt Rug 

Similar to vintage Beni Ourain rugs in quality, Beni M'rirt styles have been handwoven by a neighbouring tribe, in the Eastern regions of the Atlas Mountains. Using traditional Berber techniques these rugs are characterised by their thick pile, superior quality sheep's wool, and soft sun faded block colouring.

Woven with sheep's wool coloured using natural dyes, theses vintage pieces have become more beautiful and special with age. Years of washing and sun drying has created a gorgeous spectrum of soft tonal colours.

  • Vintage Beni M'rirt rug 
  • Origin; Morocco
  • 100% Wool 
  • Size 100 cm x 150cm 

Woven with history, these authentic rugs are pieces to be passed down for years to come.

Please note: This is a rare vintage item, therefore some evidence of wear may be visible, which not only adds to the unique charm of each piece, but tells rich the history of these beautiful rugs.