Raj Beni M'guild

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  • Rare Vintage Moroccan Rug
  • Origin; Morocco - High Atlas Mountains
  • Size 2.50 x 1.70 metres
  • One-of-a-kind item

Yonder's vintage Moroccan 'Beni M'guild' rugs have been skilfully handwoven on traditional looms, and originate from berber villages in the High Atlas Mountains.

Woven by women, these rugs are often designed with soft warm colours - pinks & reds - and each piece telling it's own story through traditional Berber symbols and classic diamond shapes. 

The Beni M'guild region experiences harsh winters months, so their rugs are recognisable by their thick pile, and the high quality wool used to protect them against the cold.

Each piece is totally one-of-a-kind and guaranteed to add both personality and texture to your space.