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L U N A E Sun Face Signet Ring 18k Yellow Gold Plated

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Signet rings have been worn for millennia by many different cultures. The Ancient Egyptians wore them decorated with hieroglyphics and sacred symbols and Mediaeval lords had theirs etched with hereditary crests, signifying power and wealth.

The sun in mythology represents the self, creativity and the never ending circle of life.

This version is plated in a high carat (18K) yellow gold, which gives this ring beautiful bright buttery gold glow.

The Lunae signet ring is cast in solid bronze from a wax original and therefore has a satisfying weight of 12.5g.

Due to the weight of this piece the ring needs to be a close fit - you may need to size down one size smaller from your normal ring size.

The face of the ring measures 1.5cm x 1.5cm with a depth of 0.7cm