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H A G S T O N E Necklace - Bronze

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A 'Hagstone' or 'Holey Stone' is a naturally occurring rock or stone which has a hole running through it. This is caused by wear and age and they are often found on beaches or places with running water.

Thy have long been seen as 'lucky' and are often strung up outside houses in a protective fashion or worn in a talismanic way as a necklace. They also are said to be a 'key' to see into other worlds, and some say they have protective and healing powers.

Ruth collected these found Hagstones whilst beachcombing on Hayling Island in Hampshire and also on my mudlarking trips to the ancient Thames foreshore. When cast in sterling silver they have a truly sculptural feel and are incredibly tactile to hold. They make a beautiful talisman, strung on a leather cord or on the silver chain provided.


- Mini Hagstone necklace / size of it is 1.2cm wide x 1.4cm high. Central hole inner diameter is 0.4cm.

- Large Hagstone necklace /  approximate dimensions of 2cm x 2cm.