Cactus Cushion - Block

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Handwoven by artisans in Morocco, Yonder's Cactus Cushions are created from natural Agave cactus silk, known as Sabra. The traditional motifs that decorate these cushions are hand embroidered by Berber women, using techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Natural botanical and vegetable dyes are used to achieve the colourful, sun-kissed quality.  These cushions are perfect both indoors and out, and will add a stylishly bohemian vibe to any home or garden.

  • Handmade in Morocco
  • Woven from Agave Cactus silk
  • One-of-a-kind item
  • Size 55 x 55 approx.

Please note each cushions' embroidery is individual per piece and the photos are examples only. Each piece is selected at random for each order.