Boujad Rug

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Vintage Moroccan Boujad Rug 

Sourced by Yonder Living for Rae, these vintage Moroccan Boujad rugs have been skilfully handwoven using traditional methods and originate from small berber villages in the Middle Atlas regions.

Made by the women, these rugs are often designed with soft warm colours - pinks & reds - and each piece telling it's own story through traditional Berber symbols.  Referencing fertility, rural life, marriage, spiritual ideas and more.

Woven with history, these authentic rugs are pieces to be passed down for years to come.

  • Natural sheeps wool & goat hair 
  • Rare Vintage - 1960's 
  • Origin; Morocco - Middle Atlas
  • Size : 275 cm x 145 cm 
  • Style : AW23-R50-15

Please note: This is a rare vintage item, therefore some evidence of wear may be visible, which not only adds to the unique charm of each piece, but tells rich the history of these beautiful rugs.