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Black Sands Soy Candle

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Rolling hills and winding roads of Bali. Long drives through steep and secluded valleys. The black sands of Mount Batur. Rich earthy scents with the faintest hint of flowers across the breeze.

Crisp clean aroma of clary sage and black pepper, blended with the warming and spicy scents of coriander, amber and musk, resting on the earthy base of Haitian sandalwood.


Top: Neroli, Clary Sage

Heart: Black Pepper, Coriander

Base: Amber, Musk, Haitian Sandalwood

Ho Wood is an anti-depressant and helps in facing areas of change. Clary Sage directly affects the part of your brain that regulates emotion and reduces feelings of anxiety. Sandalwood has a captivating aroma that calms the mind and alleviates worries by relaxing the central nervous system.


Our candles are made with soy wax. And are toxin-free, cruelty-free and vegan.

200ml (6.8Oz)

Burn time approximately 45-50 hours.


Our violet glass is unique in filtering out the more damaging rays while allowing beneficial UVA and infrared light waves to soak in, adding to the freshness and vitality of our ingredients. These parts of the light spectrum energise each candle’s organic molecules and ingredients, strengthening their natural powers – and meaning the scent, hues and bioenergy of our candles are preserved fuller and longer.

Each of our scents are made with natural blends of essential oils, aroma accords and resins, all our candles are also blended and poured with vegan soy wax.